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Learn what the concept of soccer parlay betting is?
According to 91club, parlay betting in football is also known as multiple betting, in English it is Mix Parlay. This is a type of bet that combines many different odds into a single bet. The payout rate will be according lớn the number and number of bets made by the player. This is an increasingly popular odds at major bookmakers, bringing diversity and excitement lớn participating bettors.

The advantage of this type of bet is that players vì not need lớn deposit too much money, but the profits earned are huge. On the contrary, if any selection fails in the series of cross bets, you lose all your money. This means that to receive rewards in calculating soccer parlay bets, players must win tất cả types of bets. This type of bet is chosen by many experienced players to maximize their chances of earning big rewards.

Learn what the concept of soccer cross betting is

How to calculate soccer parlay bets in detail and effectively for new players

How to calculate standard soccer parlay bets for new members
If you are a new player and don”t know how to properly calculate soccer parlay bets, here are detailed instructions:

How lớn calculate soccer parlay bets in Asian handicapsHow to calculate soccer parlay bets in detail and effectively for new players
To clearly understand how to calculate parlay bets in Asian handicaps, please refer lớn the illustrative example below:

How to calculate soccer parlay bets in detail and effectively for new players

Players place cross bets on 2 matches in the Premier League:

Manchester City handicap bet 2/2.5 with odds 0.94, Southampton odds 0.99
West Ham United handicap 0.5/1 Manchester United with odds of 0.85 & 0.92 respectively.
You bet that Manchester City wins the 2/2.5 handicap and West Ham United wins the 0.5 một handicap. For you lớn win this handicap, the predictions must be true. If MC loses or West Ham loses to their opponent. Of course you will lose.

How to calculate soccer parlay bets in detail and effectively for new players

Suppose the player bets $100 on the above parlay. The specific way lớn calculate parlay bets in soccer is as follows:

MC defeated Southampton, the amount of bet the player received was 0.94 x 100$ = 94$ (Including the bet amount was 194$).
The exact amount lớn predict for the West Ham United handicap match 0.5/một Manchester United is: 0.85 x $194 (first winning amount) = $165.
The final win when entering the cross bet is: $94 + $165 = $259.

The way lớn calculate cross bets according to Asian odds is simple for you

How to calculate parlay bets in football using European odds
The way to calculate European odds will be much simpler than Asian odds. You just multiply the odds together to figure out how to calculate soccer parlay bets. You can refer lớn the illustrative example of calculation below:

The player bets $300 for 3 matches with the following winning prediction:

France wins over Japan with odds of một.8
America wins against Germany with odds of 1.5
Argentina wins the bet at odds of 1.5
The odds of winning are: một.8 x một.5 x một.5 = 4.05. If tất cả of the above teams win, you will receive a bet amount of: $300 x 4.05 = $1215. However, if only 1 of the 3 teams loses, your entire bet will be lost.

How to calculate European handicap bets

What should you keep in mind when calculating soccer parlay bets?
The most effective way to calculate soccer parlay bets is for you to choose the appropriate amount of parlay bets. Playing 2 lớn 4 skewers is the ideal & most reasonable choice. If it”s less, the reward is low, if it”s more, the chance of winning is low & the risk is high. At the same time, you should choose a reputable house to ensure you don”t have lớn worry about losing money.

Players can increase their chances of winning by choosing bets with high winning rates, the average bet is about 75 – 80%. You should divide your financial resources lớn be able to participate in cross bets in more types of bets. Having a kế hoạch in dividing and participating in betting repeatedly will increase the chances of winning big và bringing high rewards lớn bettors.

In particular, always keep a strong mentality và a clear head when betting. Absolutely bởi not lose your temper or act hastily, betting all-in leading lớn losing toàn bộ your money.

Notes that should not be overlooked when participating in parlay betting

Above is tất cả the important information about how lớn calculate soccer parlay bets. Hopefully this article helps you better understand this type of high winning rate bet. Don”t forget to visit 91club lớn experience diverse cross-bet betting, attractive odds và top, professional soccer matches today!