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What is Mau Binh with 91 Club lớn find out?
Mau Binh (also known as Mau Binh Xap Gray) is a quite famous card game with rewards in Vietnam. With rich, attractive and highly entertaining gameplay. Therefore, this game is increasingly loved and participated by BET players.

Rules and How lớn Play Mau Binh You Need lớn Understand Clearly


Before learning about how to play Mau Binh, we need lớn learn the rules & regulations of this game

Terminology và rules in trade war
Mau Binh is a prize exchange card game using a deck of 52 cards. Each table will have a minimum number of 2 & a maximum of 6 players. You can invite friends lớn play together or play directly against other players.

What is Mau Binh How to Play Mau Binh Fast and Well at 91club

Each player will be dealt 13 cards. Each card will have a different number of points & is divided into 3 hands. The first limb has 3 leaves, the middle limb, & the last limb 5 leaves. The big ones will win over the small ones. The player”s task is lớn make sure the opponent cannot insert him.

Number cards: These are cards from 2 to 9, and the larger the number, the smaller the remaining card will be.What is Mau Binh How to Play Mau Binh Fast and Well at 91club
For cards A, K, Q, J, 10, A will be the largest & turn to 10.
Mau Bi: are odd cards without pairs or straights
Pair: 2 identical cards are called a pair. For example, pair 2What is Mau Binh How to Play Mau Binh Fast and Well at 91club
Animals: 2 pairs. For example, pair 2 & pair 3
Sam: 3 identical cards. For example, three-card 3
Flush: 5 cards of the same suit but bởi not need to be identical or consecutive
Four of a Kind: 4 identical cards. For example, 4 Aces will be called four of a kind A
Straight flush: Is a string of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit. For example, một, 2, 3, 4, 5 muscles.
Dragon Hall: This is a rare case in the game Mau Binh. All 13 of your cards will be in ascending order
Report: If your hand has just completed toàn bộ the sets, you have the right lớn report it. However, if you are overpowered by your opponent, you must pay the village
The easiest way lớn play Mau Binh

What is Mau Binh How to Play Mau Binh Fast and Well at 91club


After you have clearly grasped the rules and inherent terminology of the Mau Binh game. Now you can learn how to play Mau Binh right here.

Each person will be dealt 13 cards first. Your task is lớn arrange the most reasonable decks of cards.What is Mau Binh How to Play Mau Binh Fast and Well at 91club
Next, if anyone has consecutive sets or thinks the opponent cannot block their cards, you can gọi out and turn over the cards. If no one can block you, everyone wins. What if another player blocks your cards? If you lose, you will have to compensate tất cả other players.
If no one reports, the players will calculate the points & compare the payouts with each other. The player with the highest cards will win
Tips for Playing Mau Binh to Win Over All Opponents


To increase your chances of winning when you clearly understand the rules & how lớn play. We will share with you some tips that the experts in playing Mau Binh revealed.

You should arrange the limbs in four order from smallest to largest. But then it will be easier for you to score points lớn win
You should practice playing with bạn bè more lớn gain experience. And then play trực tuyến và bet
Pay attention lớn your opponent”s gestures & actions to make reasonable moves lớn block your opponent”s cards.
Maintain your stance và create the most stable mentality for yourself when participating in betting competitions.
Although playing Mau Binh is not complicated, you need lớn clearly understand the rules and terminology as well as how lớn calculate points in this game. This is an exciting, top-notch mind game. Hopefully with the instructions in the article we just shared. You can easily participate in playing Mau Binh game at 91 club in the best way. Good luck