Air & Odour Management India (AOM India) is a fully integrated commercial kitchen exhaust, filtration, and air quality solutions company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

With hundreds of commercial kitchen exhaust projects behind us in India, Australia, New Zealand, and across Asia, AOM has grown into a trusted brand within the hospitality and building services industries.

More than just an equipment supplier, AOM has developed as a stand-alone competence center for commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration solutions.
AOM has worked tirelessly with industry groups such as the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) to improve industry knowledge in commercial kitchen exhaust system design, installation, and maintenance.
On the back of this industry experience and expertise, our product development has been on innovation with the integration of new products and developments into our catalog to offer a larger range of products better adapted to different project circumstances. The focus is to work with trusted brands, manufactured locally to meet the quality requirements of Australian Standards, whilst still ensuring cost-effectiveness and customization to different project requirements.
That is an engineering challenge that AOM has accepted and we have moved to develop a range of licensed Australian Made Products.
Our belief is that we can supply a range of locally manufactured products that will be easier to maintain and will allow for added customization and flexibility in design, installation, and maintenance.

Our range of products ensures that we can supply the adapted equipment for each individual project.

Product categories
Our products are split into the following categories:Bodybuilder showing his muscles oral turinabol bodybuilder layered font

  • Hood: Depending on the requirements, our range of performance low-velocity hoods can be equipped with UV filters, Electrostatic filters, and Ozone injection.
  • Filters: Our range of high-performance exhaust air filtration equipment includes our SCRUBBOX range of electrostatic precipitators, ECOBOX exhaust filtration plans with optional AutoClean functions, in-duct UV solutions as well as our hood grease filters.
  • Odor: Mitigating kitchen exhaust odour is a challenge. Our range of products include Ozone Generators, Carbon modules, Plasma Air Filtration Systems & Ducted UVC Emitters
  • Vent: In addition to our range of fans and vsd, AOM has developed Smart Ventilation Solutions to optimize a kitchen exhaust system in order to improve usability and energy efficiencies.