AOM Indoor Odor Cleaner | High efficiency plasma / activated carbon indoor air filter


AOM indoor odor cleaner uses the latest state-of-the-art Made In Germany plasma air filtration technology to disinfect indoor air, Odour, Volatile Organic Compounds, and Viruses / Bacteria significantly improving your indoor air quality and minimizing impacts to your health.

Improved plasma filtration

The US EPA has stated in their review of indoor air purifiers that According primarily to controlled laboratory tests, plasma air cleaners can have high removal efficiency for some gases as well as particles, and they can also kill or deactivate airborne microorganisms.

This statement is backed by multiple international research projects that show that plasma can inactivate viruses and bacteria. See the following publications: 1234.

AOM indoor Odor Cleaner works on a dual level:

1. Producing highly reactive cold plasma gas through an electronic CPI inside a power supply which generates a high voltage field with very little current. The plasma gas produces ions that oxide VOCs and odor compounds breaking them down to standard gases found in pure air (Co2, O2, and H2O). Viruses and Bacteria are deactivated and killed by the ions.

2. A hi-tech carbon filter that has a high absorbance capacity of odor and gas compounds. To ensure that all contaminants are treated by the unit, activated carbon is used to capture them than allowing the ions sufficient contact time to break them down.

A dual treatment method with the following guarantees

The AOM indoor odor cleaner is safe to use in any environment. It has been tested to the relevant German standards and confirmed to be a non-ozone emitting device.

The AOM indoor odor cleaner requires very little maintenance. The pores of the activated carbon remain and clean thanks to the oxidation properties of the plasma gas meaning that the activated carbon does not need to be replaced. Maintenance consists of replacing and/or cleaning the prefilter.

The AOM indoor odor cleaner is extremely cost-efficient to run. Since the plasma filter unit runs on low current and the resistance through the system is low, the overall electrical consumption of the unit is low.

The AOM indoor odor cleaner is extremely efficient in removing Odour, VOCs, and Viruses / Bacteria. In situ testing of the equipment has shown that up to 96% of kitchen odors are removed when the plasma filter is used in a kitchen context (high odor concentrations).

Research and Testing

The indoor odor cleaner is currently finalizing development and testing. It will be made available shortly as a commercial HVAC product to be used in the control of air quality in a building services environment. This variant is ideal for spaces such as lifts, public toilets, and washrooms or garbage rooms. Equipped with minimal external features, the indoor odor cleaner is seen as an HVAC equipment piece that limits the risk of theft. It can, however, be used in any situation.

AOM offers installation of the units and they can be controlled remotely using a variable speed drive. Contact us directly to get a quote.


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