AOM CARBONBOX Series Carbon Modules with UV lights

Carbon filters with integrated UV lights for efficient odour mitigation


Designed to complement the AOM SCRUBBOX Series Electrostatic precipitators
AOM SCRUBBOX Series Electrostatic precipitators are certified to remove 98% of grease and smoke particles. The AOM CARBONBOX carbon modules then filter the remaining grease and smoke particles and mitigate odours.

Carbon filter modules with UV lights
The AOM CARBONBOX modules come equipped with UV lights which can, depending on the site requirements, either be ozone producing for a final odour mitigation step, or germicidal, to act against bacteria in the airflow. The lights can also be disabled if required.

Durable design and low maintenance
The AOM CARBONBOX units are engineered to operate in heavy-duty cooking environments, for extended hours and require comparatively minimal service maintenance for the high-level filtration efficiency that they achieve.

Activated carbon to suit cooking exhaust and readily available on the local market
The units are equipped with microporous granular activated carbon which is adapted to the treatment of air streams containing volatile organic compounds – i.e. kitchen exhaust.


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