AOM Dry Scrubber EAN-300


Filters made of stainless steel in the kitchen hood act as a barrier against the flames moving towards the suction channels. These filters ensure that large particles formed during the cooking process are retained. EAN-300 can clean 3000 Cubic Feet per Minute. However, oil particles, cooking fumes, oil vapor, and odor can accumulate in ducts, fans, roofs, and sidewalls of buildings. They are highly flammable and can cause frequent fires. AOM EAN Series devices ensure the effective elimination of these air pollutants and fire hazards with their high performance. At the same time, they eliminate irritating smoke and odors and reduce the cleaning and maintenance processes required in exhaust ducts. The improved air can then be recirculated to the kitchen hood if desired, or vented out of the building at street or roof level. AOM EAN Series devices are designed with the Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) principle. With the ESP principle, fine particles are deposited into a collector cell. In accordance with ASHRAE standards, 95% efficiency is obtained for particles with a size of 0.01 micron. By using two devices side by side, this efficiency is increased to 99%.

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Technical Equipment


Interior Details

Interior Details


AOM Electrostatic Filter should be installed as close to the kitchen hood as possible. Thus, there will be no need for any cleaning process since there will be no oil accumulation in the channels from the place where the electrostatic filter is attached.

AOM Electrostatic Filter must be mounted to the hood with a plunium box with a width of at least 300 mm. This type of connection is the most suitable position for the maintenance and cleaning of the device.

AOM Electrostatic Filter should be installed in an easily accessible place for easy cleaning.

If the AOM Electrostatic Filter cannot be mounted close to the hood, a connection should be made with at least 1 meter straight channels on the suction and outlet sides of the device. This ensures a balanced air flow inside the air cleaning chamber.

AOM Electrostatic filter must be mounted horizontally.

The capacity of the AOM Electrostatic filter must be selected correctly.
When the AOM Electrostatic Filter Aspirator starts, the electrical system should be designed and installed so that it will be activated automatically.

Technical drawing

EAN-300 image

Working Principle


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