AOM HCFO Series Kitchen Exhaust Hood

High performance low-velocity kitchen exhaust hoods for the high-efficiency filtration of grease and smoke as well as optimal odour mitigation, for heavy cooking


Equipped with AOM FILTRAIR™ technology
AOM FILTRAIR™ technology is comprised of a three-stage filtration system:
1 AOM stainless steel honeycomb filters for grease filtration
2 AOM Electrostatic cells for grease and smoke filtration
3 AOM OG Series Ozone Generators for odour mitigation (optional).

Certified to filter up to 98% of kitchen exhaust smoke and grease
AOM FILTRAIR™ technology has been independently tested and certified to filter up to 98% of grease and smoke from a heavy Type 4 cooking process.

Custom-made to suit the project’s needs
With a network of manufacturers covering Australia and New Zealand, AOM HCFO Series hoods are manufactured locally and custom-made to meet the requirements for each individual commercial cooking line.

The AOM HCFO hoods target to eliminate grease, smoke, and odour from a heavy cooking process. The hoods are equipped with AOM stainless steel honeycomb filters, single or double electrostatics filters, ozone generators, LED lights, exhaust, and supply dampers.


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