AOM Zurich Series Kitchen Exhaust Hood (with Plasma / Activated carbon filtration)

High-quality exhaust hood integrating state of the art plasma/activated carbon filtration for high-efficiency treatment of light commercial kitchen exhaust


High efficiency exhaust and treatment of light commercial kitchen exhaust using AOM Zurich Series high-quality exhaust hood integrating state of the art  plasma/activated carbon filtration

  • Mitigate odour emissions from light commercial kitchen exhaust using state of the art compact plasma/activated carbon filters designed, manufactured, and tested in Germany
  • Comply to AS1668.2-2012 section C3.10.3 Concessions for horizontal discharge for light cooking types based on the AOM Performance Certification for this model hood
  • Allow for high-efficiency treatment of kitchen exhaust in recirculating residential hoods either using off-the-shelf exhaust hoods or custom stainless steel built

AOM Zurich Series range hoods have been designed specifically for light commercial kitchen exhaust cooking (AS1668.2 Type 2, 3, and 7 cooking processes). Certain of these exhaust systems may require a cost-effective form of high-efficiency filtration.

AOM Zurich Series range hoods integrate plasma air filtration technology to achieve incomparable filtration efficiencies. Plasma is produced using high voltage with a very little current and has, therefore, a low energy consumption. Cold plasma breaks down odour gases (as well as smoke particles, viruses, bacteria) which get caught by the high-tech activated carbon mosaic. This in turn leaves the activated carbon pores free and clean meaning that the filter works without maintenance.

The exhaust hoods can be fitted with an in-built exhaust fan. This allows for either re-circulation of the exhaust in the space or immediate discharge to the surroundings. Applications can include:

  • Cooking exhaust hoods for childcare centers, schools, pavilions that have low airflow and light cooking processes. The exhaust can be discharged horizontally close to the hood. This limits the need for long duct runs that in turn require periodic maintenance, achieving significant cost savings to projects.
  • Cooking appliances that fall into light cooking processes such as donuts or popcorn machines, combination ovens, or small fryers. A dedicated hood can allow for high-efficiency filtration of this equipment meaning that the exhaust air can be discharged into the space. This is ideal for small tenancies in department stores that do not have access to an exhaust system.
  • Mobile cooking stations can be accompanied by a table exhaust system allowing for the treatment of the exhaust air.


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